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Bexhill Swimming Club has the use of two pools within close proximity of each other. We use Bexhill Leisure Pool and Battle Abbey Pool in Penland Road.

Our beginner groups, G, F & E meet at Bexhill Leisure and Battle Abbey pools and are taught basic stroke/improvement to their stroke technique and reach the ability to swim five lengths in two reasonable strokes without stopping. This then gives the club a guideline to transfer into Group D.

Group D meet at Bexhill Leisure Pool and Battle Abbey Pool. In this group further stroke techniques are taught and at this stage timing of the children takes place over 50 meters in front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke. Timings are recorded on the first Monday of each month. The children's timings can be recorded in their own record card, so they can hopefully see their improvement each month. When the necessary qualifying times and stamina is reached they transfer to Group C.

This group also trains at both pools and in Group C stroke techniques and stamina building are combined until again qualifying times are achieved, they then transfer to Group B at Battle Abbey Pool. Please note that all the transfers are at the discretion of the teachers and trainers as to whether they consider the swimmer is able to cope with the more intensive training.

In Group B the emphasis changes from teaching to swim to, training for competitive swimming, more time given to stamina and speed, but with stroke correction still a high priority.

Again transfer from Group B to A is determined on times and trainers recommendations.

Group A is stamina and speed training for competition or just exercise for those not interested in competing.

A, B and C have the chance to take part in galas, county championships and Open meets. Children in Group D, also have the chance to take part in our own in-house club galas and some inter-club galas which are at regular intervals throughout the year.

We also have a Masters Group for over 25 years of age who swim with A group. Swims for ASA, Scout, Guide, Cub and Brownie badges can also be arranged.

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